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What is Hot Plate Welding Machine, Hot Plate Welder?

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Hot plate welding machine can be defined as a welding process that utilizes conduction, convection or radiation via a hot platen to melt to equal halves of the connecting surfaces a thermoplastic section. On completion of melting of the plastic interfaces, they are joined to create a permanent molecular hermetic bond. An adequately designed weld joint done under carefully controlled conditions (overseen by a hot plate welder), has excellent strength that surpasses strength of all other parts of the component. The hot plate process can accommodate parts with an inch of diameter to five feet in length. The process is approximated to take a time of 10 seconds to 20 seconds.
Working Principle of the Hot Plate Welding Machine
The hot plate welder oversees the six stage process that occurs as follows:
Stage 1: This stage involves the thermoplastic sections being put into their nests.
Stage 2: In this stage, the heated platen is then made to move forward between the thermoplastic parts were put in their nests.
Stage 3: As the hot platen moves forward between the thermoplastic parts, it gets in contact with them and subsequently the plastic commences to melt due to induced heat from the hot platen.
Stage 4: On completion of the melting of the connected interfaces of the thermoplastic parts, the nests recede to permit the hot platen to pull back.
Stage 5: The melted parts of the plastic are then pressed together to create a molecular bond.
Stage 6: Lastly, the nests separate and the finished product of the assembly process are carefully unloaded.
Benefits of Hot Plate Welding Machine
The hot plate welding processes has several advantages, the major ones are:
1. Accurate control of the temperature used in melting therefore eliminating defects in the process.
2. Remarkable weld strength that ensures longevity in service of welded products.
3. Ability of welding large and complex parts that would otherwise be cumbersome.
4. Ease of getting hermetic seals that makes components airtight.
5. It is a cost-effective method that saves money.
6. It accommodates a variety of plastics making it widely applicable.
7. It offers flexibility in part design since it handles weld parts, internal walls, thin wall parts assembly, intricate geometries, large or numerous small parts and even parts with loose internal components.
Application of Hot Plate Welding Technology
Hot plate welding machine is heavily used in the automotive manufacturing industry that requires connected thermoplastic sections with excellent strength and hermetic seals for its complex geometries. Some of the main applications of the machine include the following:
Automobile Lighting
Car light hot plate welders are common in the car-light production industry. It is used to assemble headlights.
The hot plate process is used to assemble batteries in the automotive industry.
Fuel Tanks
The automotive manufacturing industry also uses hot plate process in the assembly of vehicle fuel tanks.
Washer Bottles
The welding technology is also used in the automotive industry to assemble fluid reservoirs like washer bottles.
The Hot Plate welding machine is a useful tool that has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, precisely the automotive one enabling it to be flexible and versatile in the design of durable products. Without a dobut, it is a great tool that is versatile and very useful in today's industries.

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