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Hot Air Welding Machine & High frequency welding machine

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Hot air welding machine (hot air seam sealing machine) and high frequency welding machine is both for PVC tarpaulin (all kinds of tensile structure membrane) welding (seam sealing)

But high frequency welding and hot air welding are two completely welding method:

What is high frequency welding?
The main principle of high frequency welding is based on dielectric heating of the material to be welded. The sheets of material are put between two metal plates (the electrodes), whereupon a high frequency voltage is connected to the plates. As a result, the molecules in the material start vibrating, which results in heating up to the melting (fusing) temperature. By bringing two layers of material into the HF field at the same time and pressing them together, the layers melt together (fuse) and form a strong welded joint.
High Frequency Welding Machine F2

What is hot air welding?

The heat is provided by the tool (hot air jet)/ (hot wedge) to the welded surfaces from the outside. The weld is formed on the surface of the joined fabrics.The weld is formed on the surface of the fabrics what makes it less durable. It is also less flexible due to hard seam produced during welding. The welded fabrics can produce smoke, drippings and unpleasant smell
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