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A Brief Description Of Spin Welding Machine

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Spin welding is a welding technique that is used on thermoplastic materials. In this technique, friction is used to heat the parts to be welded. The spin welding machine is the equipment used to spin weld. It applies pressure axially as it rotates one part against another stationary part. Below are the principles behind the technique.

Principles of spin weldingThe spin welding method is split into five distinctive stages.
In Stage I, the gyratory friction produces heat. Frictional heating is deepened with mutual axial (press vertical) and joint surface speeds.
In Stage II, the friction consequences to coarse forces, which strip off surface irregularity, these generate wear bits triggering the faces of the polymer to start melting. As the polymer reaches its crystal-like melting point or glass conversion temperature, it enters the third stage.
In stage III, the heat begins to be produced by inner friction inside the liquefied area.
This continues in stage IV, where the temperatures of the liquefied layer stay moderately constant. Since plastics are bad heat conductors, the heat of the surface is shifted slowly to the inside and a lot of it stays contained. At this point, the rotation is stopped and we enter stage V.
In stage V is where the liquefied material is left to cool under pressure for a short time called the Hold Time.

Spin welding Machines work with a lot of thermoplastics; they put up large diameter parts and achieve hermetic seals with ease. Danrel’s spin welding machines deliver accurate regulation of the melt temperature; they also have the aptitude for welding huge, intricate parts. The result: outstanding weld strength and airtight seals all the time.

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