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What is High Frequency Welding Machine?

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What is High Frequency Welding Machine?

The Principle:
High Frequency Welding Machine (HF Welding) also known as Radio frequency welding machine (RF Welding Machine). Welding PU and PVC products is a process that usually requires high frequency work. This has  to work according to a number of ways while providing the means required to get the product  welded. In any case, this can only work with a number of thermoplastics which have certain  unique features. While doing the welding, an electric field is produced at the joint. The  direction of this filed is then alternated at a high frequency rate of approximately twenty -seven million times a second by the electromagnetic effect. Fundamentally, every time an  electric field changes, the dipoles on top of the polymer try to flip themselves around thus  realigning themselves to the new orientation of the field. 
Since this movement can often be impaired by things such as inertia and friction, the 
molecules do not toss and turn in harmony. The constant relative motion of the molecules  lead to friction between the molecules which results into heat and finally, melting. This is  definitely the right production model to have when you want to weld materials that are of  weird sizes and other restrictions. HF welding typically has weld zones between 2 to 5  seconds and can take care of parts that are between one-thousandths inches thick to fifty- thousandths inches thick.
Advantages of HF Welding
1. Speedy welding: The material to be welded is heated gradually from the inside and thus  fuses instantly. The welding also takes the structure of the material in your particular  question in mind as some materials may not have the capability to be welded as easily as  others. Overall, it is a fast and very reliable way of doing speedy welding jobs on a single  run. 
2. As opposed to high frequency, other kinds of welding methods needs the heat to be added  from the outside. Thus, the heat must first penetrate the material so as to make it plastic  enough to become a weld. This penetration of heat brings about a disadvantage which could  prove to be very dangerous. For one, this is risky as you can easily end up scorching the  top layer of the welded material which is not fun at all. Secondly, HF welding takes the  type of material into consideration. This is due to the fact that some materials have  different properties as compared to others. 
3. In HF fields some materials generate more heat than others. This makes them more suitable  for HF welding. Wondering how this comes about? Well, it definitely has to do with the  extent to which the material's molecules vibrate as a consequence of the high frequency  field. Some materials vibrate at a slower frequency than others thus heating up and forming  a weld much faster than others. The good thing with this is that you will not have to cause  any destruction as you are going about with your melding and welding.

In conclusion, high frequency welding machine is definitely the right choice for the job. This has  got a number of benefits which means that you will be able to create items and products in  very little time while achieving high standards of quality and enhanced welding accuracy  without having to cause and factory accidents or haz'ardous spills along the way.

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