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Advantage of Spin Welding Machine

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Advantages of Spin Welding Machine
1. Easy to join unlike metals- This means that you are able to use more expensive corrosion resistant materials for a joint that needs such material. On the other hand, you are where there is no need for corrosion resistant materials you can easily use a less resistant but a strong enough material.
2. The cross-section surface is made up of both metals- This translates to having a joint that is both void-less and airtight.
3. Higher strength welds- A spin welding machine gives you stronger joints s compared to the mainstream welding techniques.
4. Lower welding costs- The cost of spin welding is far much lower due to the fact that their consumables like fluxes, filler metal among others. This makes it ideal for commercial purposes.
5. The Minimal heat affected zone (HAZ)- Using a spin welding machine results to having a much smaller HAZ as compared to the other welding techniques. This, therefore, translates to a much efficient use of energy.
6. Optimized material choice for designers- Since spin welding can actually weld two different materials; this gives designers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of materials without the fear that they may not be compatible.
7. No ventilation required- Since spin welding uses fiction, this means that there will no need to use a ventilated premise. This will also have some very positive implications on health.
8. Ideal for circular parts- Spin welding gives a sturdy bond which is also hermetically sealed. This factor makes it ideal for joining circular parts efficiently.
Application of Spin Welding Machine
Applications that can benefit from utilizing the spin welding process include
*Automotive: Fuel system filtration, Air duct, Filter bowls, and Oil fill tube components
*Appliance: Water Valves, Refrigeration water Filtration, and Toilet components
*Irrigation system: sprinklers components
*Pool and Spa: filtration components
*Beverage: dispensing, beverage cups
*Medical: syringes

Spin Welding Machine




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