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Small Blister Packing Thermal Sealing Machine For Hardware

  • DR-2030

Name: Small Blister Packing Thermal Sealing Machine For Hardware
Model No.: DR-2030

Machine Features:
1. This series machine is suitalbe PVC/PET Blister clamshell + paper card Sealing.
2. Manually turntable with two working stations, two sealing mould working alternately.
3. Compared with model DR-50, this machine is to accommodate to big size blister package sealing.
3. Simple and conenient to operate and have high efficiency.
4. To seal different size blister packages by adjusting the Sealing Time and Current.
5. Advantages: Make the packed goods anti-damped, bright and clarity, finery, can improve level of products.

Types of blister packing machine;
1. Thermal sealing machine. Only for Plastic Blister + paper card heat sealing
2. DPB series flat plate blister packing machine. Designed for capsules, pills and small hardware packing.

3. High frequency welding machine: suitable for PVC+PVC, PET+PET


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Application: Paper card Blister Packing Machine
widely applied to all toys industry , stationery industry, batteries, foods, commodity, hardware, small tools,

Model: DR-2030
Power Consumption: around 3.5 KW
Power Vol: 220V 50Hz
Size of the Plate: 510*750 mm
Efficiency: around 18 times per min
Working station : 2 Stations
Operation Mode: Manual/AUTO
Driven Mode: Pneumatic
Working Pressure: 0.5 MPa
Machine size: L950 × W770 × H1460mm
Gross weight: 200 KG




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