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Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing Machine

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An ultrasonic tube sealing machine is used for sealing the compound tubes and plastic tubes before printing them. The packaging industry uses these machines as another option to seal the tubes used for packing cosmetic and other similar products. They can be used as standalone equipment as well as in combination with tube filling machines as an alternative to manually tube sealing machine to seal small volume tubes after filling them.

Working of plastic tube sealing machine

A plastic tube sealing machine can also be used to seal laminated tubes with the help of the heat generated by the high frequency vibration of the ultrasonic horn at the wall of the plastic tube to make it soft. It holds the plastic tube closely under the pressure of sealing horn and anvil to weld it strongly.

An ultrasonic tube sealing machine follows ultrasonic principles to seal the hose as well as composite pipe of various popular brands with high efficiency and stability by adopting movable lines. These machines are specially designed and upgraded on the basis of the stainless steel sealing machines made originally to increase the efficiency in the functions of cutting and sealing the soft plastic tubes in a harsh work environment. Along with sealing the plastic tubes they also shape their superfluous edges and print date code on them automatically. For this reason these machines are used by various industries including cosmetic, toothpaste, food, medicines as well as packing industrial supplies like sealing various types of hoses etc.

The plastic tube sealing machine used for sealing various types of plastic tubes for different industries include a horizontal aluminium alloy structure with environment friendly stainless steel package and sanitation. Its operations are easy to provide high efficiency performance stably while working with independent platform and a horizontally or vertically adjustable worktable.

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