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PVC Inflatable Boats Making Machine

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PVC Inflatable Boats Making Machine
How to make Inflatable Boats?
Machinery request for Machine Water Rafts?
Hot Air Welding Machine for PVC Inflatable Boats Production

Here below is one Military Boats, now we are going to analysis the production process
PVC Inflatable Boats, Military Boats, Water Rafting
①.By Standard Hot Air Welding Machine or Customized Model DR-T300A
②.By High Frequency Welding Machine, see the welding process below
③&④. By High Frequency Welding Machine
⑤.Hot Air Welding Machine
1. Customized Hot Air Welding Machine Model DR-T300A for Cone welding

* This kind of hot air welding machine is designed for welding the cone of the boats.
* Additional accessories are necessary if you have different size/shape cones.
* We will need the cone samples to be sent for making the moulds.
* Standard Hot Air Welding Machine can also welding the cone. And required high opwration skills for the operator. Model DR-T300A machine has grearly simplified the operation and welding speed.
2. Part ② is welded by high frequency welding machine
Please refer to the welding process below:
high frequency welding machineElectrode Welding Bar for 15KW High Frequency Welding Machine
High Frequency Power 8-15 KW with different H.F Power output, for different welding size requirement. Contact us for more information.
3. ③&④. By High Frequency Welding Machine
Our Pedal Type High Frequency Welding Machine can be applied to weld the small PVC accesories on inflatables, including: Air Fill Valves, handle, patches, etc
How the PVC Handle Welded:
Pedal Type High Frequency Welding Machine 
Advanges of the high frequency welding machine
* No consumable material used
* Welding is strong and nice looking
* One machine can achieve different parts welding by different moulds change-over.
4. Part ⑤ Anti-Collision Stripe is welded by hot air welding machine
 Anti-collision Strip Hot Air Welding Machine PVC
Hot Air Welding Machine Application Range: Rescue Boat, Sport Boat, Water Rafts, Buoy, Military Attack Boats, Inflatable Dinghy, Inflatable Kayaks, Crossover Kaboats, River Rafts, Rigid Bottom Boat, Banana Boats, etc
PVC Inflatable Boats Made By High Frequency Welding Machine

 High Frequency Welding Machine for Inflatable Boats
Above Boats are made by high frequency welding machine

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