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The Advantages of Hot Air Welding Machine Over High Frequency Welding Machine

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Both hot air welding machines (also know as hot air seam sealing machine) and high frequency welding machines (aslo known as HF welding machine, radio frequency welding machine, high frequency plastic welding machine) can at times be applied over the same application. However, this does not mean that these two methods are the same. This makes it paramount to know the differences between the two methods so as to make an informed decision while choosing the most suitable method. There are mainly 5 aspects:
1. Levels of versatility
Technology improvement and growth in manufacturing trends have resulted to the use of different fabrics. Despite the many fabrics manufactures need to weld all thermoplastic materials and because of this they prefer a welding method that can handle an array of different fabrics. The high frequency method can only weld polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This makes it unable to weld some of thermoplastic materials which are used by modern manufacturers. On the other hand, the hot air and hot wedge method has the ability to weld a wide range of thermoplastic fabrics and films. This particular method also allows users to make three dimension products in a simpler manner. As a result, most manufacturers prefer using the hot air welder since almost a whole product can be made using just one welder.
2. Seam strength and appearance
Through the application of state of the art technology the hot air method is able to produce a stronger seam. This particular method has been tried and tested in different kinds of high stress applications and it has proved to be stronger than that of most high frequency welding equipments. This is very helpful because it means the structures made are more reliable and also last longer before wearing off. Furthermore, the seams made by the hot air method look better. This is facilitated by that the hot air welding method makes molecular bonded seams which are wounded from the inside and not over the two outside layers. This makes the hot air method better when it comes to seam appearance.
3. Speed
Another noticeable difference between these two methods is the speed. In most cases a hot air welding machine will works faster than a high frequency welding machine. This is very helpful because it helps in saving time and as a result improving productivity.
4. Space of work
Almost all manufactures of printers and machines directs that equipment needs to be at least fifteen meters away form any radio frequency device. This puts the high frequency welding machines at a disadvantage because they can only work safely when they are away from other office or manufacturing equipment. However, the hot air and hot wedge welding machines are not affected by this issue since there is no distant limitation. This allows these particular welding machines to be used almost anywhere since they do not affect the printers and machines near them.
5. Cost
The cost of maintenance also makes a huge difference between these two types of welding machines. The High frequency  welding machines require more maintenance and as a result using them costs more. But using the hot air welding machines is cheaper since their maintenance is less costly. Therefore, by understanding the differences between the hot air welding machines and the high frequency welding machines it becomes easier to make an informed decision while choosing the most suitable machine to use.

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