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Horizontal Type Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine Rotary Welder for PP PE Pipe, Water Filter Cartridges

Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine
  • DR-HSP2040

Name:  Horizontal Type Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine Rotary Welder for PP PE Pipe, Water Filter Cartridges
Model No.: DR-HSP2040

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Main Features

1. Horizontal design capable of infinite long tube welding purpose.
2. High precision servo spin drive with orientation accuracy of +/-0.1 degree
3. Programmable welding methods include Weld by Time,Rotations Circles, Rotation Speed, pre-spin orientation
4. Password protection of setup parameter
5. Up to 150 mm stroke for greater versatility and easier part load and unload
6. Integrated design eliminates cables and makes installation more compact 
7. PLC touch screen operation., simple operation and parameter setting. 
8. New mechanical, electrical and pneumatic designs. 

Main Parts Brands:

1. Servo Motor: Japan YASKAWA
3. Contactor: French SCHNEIDER
4. Pneumatic: TAIWAN AIRTAC

Spin Welding Process Advantages

Spin welding is a welding technique that uses heat generated by rotational friction at the joint line to weld thermoplastic parts. In this technique, friction is used to heat the parts to be welded. It applies pressure axially as it rotates one part against another stationary part.

(1). Ability to weld parts with circular joint that are not easily welded by ultrasonic.
(2). Relatively fast cycle times when compared with other methods.
(3). Compatible with most thermoplastics.
(4). Ideal for welding of Nylon + GS filled, PP and PE materials.
(5). Ability to weld several dissimilar materials.
(6). No consumables, fumes or emissions.
(7). High strength, hermetic welds are typical.
(8). Heat confined to weld interface.
(9). Easily automated.
(10). Low cost, quick change tooling.
(11). Low maintenance.
(12). Low power consumption.

Technical Parameters: Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine

Servo-Motor Power 2.9 KW (can be customized according to differet diameter)
Power supply AC 220/380 V 3P 50 Hz
Motor speed Max3000 RPM
Rotation Circles 30 (Adjustable)
Delay Time 0-100 seconds  (Adjuatable)
Hold Time 0-100 seconds  (Adjuatable)
Working Pressure 0.5-0.7 MPa
Torsion 10 N*M
Gross Weight Around 350 KG
Dimension 1600*900*1600mm

Horizontal Spin Welding Machine with Servo Motor

Horizontal Servo Spin Welder

* Advantages 

Spin welding process include high quality permanent joints, hermetic seals, lower equipment costs, ease of assembly, energy efficient operation, no ventilation required, immediate handling, entrapment of other parts, far-field welding capability and no additional material requirements. 

* Application of Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine

The most efficient method of joining circular parts is spin welding (Frictional Rotational process) which provides strong hermetically sealed bond. Including: Water Filter, Wheels, Round Caps, Plastic Cylinders, etc

Samples of Price Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine

Packing & Delivery
Price Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine
Price Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine
Price Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine
Price Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine

Question: How to order the machine?
1. Confirm the machine model and other terms by email/whatsApp/Skype.
2.We accept payment T/T or L/C terms
3.Delivery by sea or air.
4.Installation and operation.

Question: How do we pack the machine?
1.The machine will be packed with strong plywood case(export standard, no need additional fumigation)
2.Fragile parts will be seperately packed with cushion packing material

Question: How about the installation and trainning?

1.Most machines will be packed with no take apart, it comes to be a complete machine; You can start the operation with connect power and air compresor.
2.For other cases, videos and manul book will be sent for the installation.
3.Parameters will be set up before delivery. Customer will do little adjustment.
4.Overseas service is available

Question: How about the after sale service
1.All our machines is one year warranty, spare parts will be freely provided within 12 months
2.We have all spare parts in stocks
3.12-24 hours Online service by Email or Video Online for basic setup and repairs
4.Engineer overseas service is available.

Question: Do you have the customized service?
1.The voltage of the machine can be 110/220/380/440V, 50/60 Hz. Please confirm us the voltage details when place an order
2.The color of the machine can be customized, please send us the color sample
3.The function of the machine can be customized, such as: PLC control, auto-turntable, robotic, etc

Question: Could you make die / mould for me, if I buy machine from you?
We make mould/die up to the products. We will need samples or drawings to be sent for making moulds.

1. Customer's site installation, training & maintenance available
2. 12-24 hours Online service by Email, Video Online for basic setup and repairs
3. 12 months warranty for machine, life-long tech. support
4. Providing assistance in manufacturing and modifying tools;
5. Our engineering instruction will guarantee your productive manufacturing of top-quality products.

Improve your operations, increase production speed, improve accuracy and maximize product demands with any of our welders designed specifically for your needs. Let us help you choose or build the right machine for your application.

Price Servo Motor Spin Welding Machine





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