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15 KW High Frequency PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine

  • DR-T15-F2 Table

15 KW High Frequency PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine Video Link

* Working Principle

High Frequency PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine only works with thermoplastics that have a high dielectric constant. In this process, an electric field is generated near the joint, the direction of which is alternated approximately twenty-seven million times a second. Every time the electric field changes, the dipole molecules of the polymer attempt to flip around to realign themselves to the new field orientation. Because this movement is impaired by inertia and friction, the molecules do not flip in unison. This constant relative movement of the molecules results in intermolecular friction which results in heat and, subsequently, melting. Radio Frequency welding typically has weld cycle times from two to five seconds and can handle parts from approximately one-thousandths inches thick to fifty-thousandths inches thick.

Main Features:

1. Welding bar Length, width can be adjusted, fast changeover.
2. European-model square high frequency vibration cavity, more reliable and stable in output
3. Single line or two lines continue welding, welding length can be ordered as special need.
4. Deep groove welded steel structure, suitable for big size material welding.
5. Customized work table dimensions, electrode holder dimensions
6. Laser Guide Projectors – projecting laser lines (easy for operator's eyes) for quick material guidance on the work table

7. High sensitive anti-spark tube to protect the welding bar and welding products.

8. PLC touch screen control, streched table or other functions can be customized.


Technical Data: 15 KW High Frequency PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine


Model DR-T5 DR-T8 DR-T12 DR-T15 DR-T25
H.F Power Output 5 KW 8 KW 12 KW 15 KW 25 KW
Anti-Spark System NL-5557 High sensitive anti-spark tube
Voltage AC 220/380V/440V 50Hz-60HZ or customize
Frequency 27.12MHz +/- 0,6 % 13.56MHz +/- 0,6 %
Input power 8.5 KVA 15 KVA 18 KVA 25 KVA 35 KVA
Oscillation tube 7T85RB 7T69RB E3130 8T85RB 8T25RA
Max pressure 350KGS 500 kg 800kg 1000kg 1500kg
Operation mode Pneumatic Operated
Max gap of electrodes 150mm
Size of active horn 150mm
Upper Electrode (W*H*L) 50*50*400mm 50*50*600mm 50**50*800mm 50*50*900mm 50*50*1000mm
Size of Work Table (L*W) 350*600mm 450*800mm 450*1050mm 400*1150mm 450*1250mm
Welding time 0.01~9.99s adjustable
Net weight 700 KGS 780 KGS 900kgs 1100kgs


15 KW High Frequency PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine

Machine Details:

Details 15 KW High Frequency PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine

Main Parts
15 KW High Frequency PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine

Main Parts

Name: Power Grid Tube


Original: Japan

High Q value tube, strong high frequency power output, stable performance, long term service life.

Name: Anti-spark Tube
Brand: NL-5557
Original: USA
All our machine equipped with Anti-spark tube to avoid spark, it's function is to protect the welding moulds being damages by the sparks.

15 KW High Frequency PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine


Tents, Sunshades, Swimming Pool, Roofing, Awning, Trcuk Covers. All kijds of tensile structure membrane welding.

15 KW High Frequency PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine Sample

Our Service

1. Customer's site installation, training & maintenance available
2. 12-24 hours Online service by Email, Video Online for basic setup and repairs
3. 12 months warranty for machine, life-long tech. support
4. Providing assistance in manufacturing and modifying tools;
5. Our engineering instruction will guarantee your productive manufacturing of top-quality products.

Improve your operations, increase production speed, improve accuracy and maximize product demands with any of our welders designed specifically for your needs. Let us help you choose or build the right machine for your application.

15 KW High Frequency PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine

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